Terms of Service

Extremely important aspect is that every user of Adtekmedia understands & accepts all the conditions for using the resource below. Continuation of work with the site confirms that the user has studied & accepted all the conditions governing the operation of adtekmedia.com.

The company Adtekmedia is the manager of this site. These provisions are located on the site for public viewing; further use of the site implies your consent & the fact that the information on this page has been studied.

Please note: all provisions & data from this agreement must be treated with respect. Be sure to study all the information in order to be sure of the expediency of further use of the resource.

Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about the activities of the site adtekmedia.com or those appear in the process of reading, study the company's privacy policy. This policy concerns the collection of information about users for the purpose of its further use & storage. General provisions of the privacy policy also stipulate all aspects for which the information about users will be used. We draw the attention of users to the fact that security is always the main priority of Adtekmedia.

Adtekmedia Copyright Protection

The site adtekmedia.com is protected by copyright. Such protection extends to the entire property of the site, including the logo, font, graphics, the overall design concept & so on. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, materials from the site adtekmedia.com cannot be freely copied & placed on third-party resources & downloaded to media. In addition, it is not permitted, according to this agreement, to create copies of any format. You can get a personal permission to copy or use the materials when contacting the site administration in person. Materials in this case can be used to show information, but not for commercial sale.

In the event that you receive a written or electronic permission to copy information, you cannot reproduce or provide data to third parties, or modify, or delete protected material.

Adtekmedia Trademarks

The Adtekmedia brand is an officially registered trademark; therefore, law protects this trademark. Users are not allowed to copy or create such trademarks, as law prohibits this. In case of suspicion of plagiarism, an appropriate examination can be carried out. The exception is the personal permission to use the materials of the site, including images of icons, parts of the code, page titles, etc.

The company Adtekmedia can also use on the website other images of trademarks that are protected by individual ownership. If you use the site, you confirm its use for personal purposes; use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Sale of partial information is also illegal. The company Adtekmedia urges you to refrain from using data to obtain commercial benefits.

Adtekmedia Website Linking Terms

You can always create a hyperlink to this site on your site, but you cannot represent the site of Adtekmedia, as an enterprise with a bad reputation or in a discrediting form. In order to use any trademarks, including the company logo & other details, you must have a personal permission. Such permission is issued in writing to the person who can perform such actions.

In the event that you use a link outside the site of the company Adtekmedia, the company will not be responsible for the content contained in the link. You also cannot complain if you find inappropriate content. You are solely responsible for the content of the sites that are contained in the links. You can report that the link was used on our website.

Adtekmedia Website Usage

One of the main aspects of our work with users is trust. We sincerely expect that all actions in relation to the website of Adtekmedia will be respected & will be within the limits of moral standards. Please note that by further use of our site you acknowledge the fact that you agree to perform solely actions within the framework of moral norms & principles. In addition, you cannot intentionally interfere with the security of other users while using this resource. Adhere to the rules set by Adtekmedia for this site, follow the company's policy to make our interaction as productive as possible. You also promise not to abuse the services of the company & its system resources, not to disrupt the operation of servers & other networks, as well as the company's branches. Do not violate the User Agreement & respect the established restrictions. This agreement was created in compliance with legal norms, including international & local ones. We are not responsible for all related activities from Adtekmedia, as well as for their products & services. In case, if necessary, a dispute about copyrights & signs of protection of personal property can be held. Adtekmedia is always interested in protecting your rights & freedoms, all provisions of this agreement are created in accordance with the requirements of the Copyright Law. If you witness a theft of intellectual property or other copyright infringement, please inform our agents.
Basic rules of use:
- if you have a personal permission to use copyright, be sure to sign your name
- be sure to include the registration number of the trademark & the confirmation
- demonstrate your unique protected content
- specify your contact details, in particular, the e-mail address & telephone number for obtaining data
- create a statement about that object (material) that is protected by copyright
- be sure to state additionally that the information provided is genuine & is not a perjury & that the complaint is committed from a registered account.

You can use the email address on the site to send your complaint. By e-mail, you can contact our specialist in this matter.

Adtekmedia Indemnification Agreement

Be sure to review this clause in detail. In the event that you violate the terms of this agreement on the use of all Adtekmedia rules & if you violate the rights of another user, provoke a conflict situation & cause damage, you will have to pay damages to Adtekmedia. This means that further use of the site should be made on your part without violations.

Submitted data

Unfortunately, Adtekmedia is not able to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of all data & questions that you can ask, as well as other information. After you send your data & materials to Adtekmedia, Adtekmedia becomes the proprietor of all received materials & you lose copyright on them. This means that Adtekmedia can, at its discretion, use materials for any purpose, not guaranteeing payment for the use of materials.

Adtekmedia Warranty Disclaimer

Important information on the use of the site: users of the site, continuing using the resource, accept the conditions that the site & all its composition are introduced in the original form & completely available. Therefore, you use all resources at your own risk. Adtekmedia company insists on that all users are aware of possible risks. More, company disclaims warrantees depending on information, which may provide other resources, including with the company Adtekmedia. Any loading of data or access to resources through the site of Adtekmedia company is prohibited. All operations are available under the user's responsibility. In the event if you get a virus & data loss, Adtekmedia company will not be liable for loss of your data & other damages, even if you have received a virus through the site, the link to which was located on this resource.

Adtekmedia company cannot be liable for content on other sites & also other products or services.

Adtekmedia is not responsible for the actuality represented on other resources information & cannot guarantee the complete conformity of the site to your expectations & needs. Site data may not update timely, administration does not warrant an instant correction of all errors & defects. System errors may result in data loss. If you do not agree with these terms, just stop using the site. If you are residing in the country where the limitations are impossible, you cannot provide the use of the resource.

Adtekmedia Limitations of Liability

Adtekmedia & also affiliates & parts of the company may not be liable for any damages, which has been the result of the use of the site or its parts & its contents. In addition, the user has independent responsibility for unauthorized access to the site & any loss in connection with this. Some violations of the rules are likely, for such implementation of limitations, there is the cancellation of this agreement.

Legal Obligations

All information provided in this agreement is structured in accordance with the law. In the event that there are legal claims, the complaint must be filed with the Superior Court or the District Court.

Adtekmedia Termination Rules

Adtekmedia can, at its discretion, block your account & your activities on this resource. In addition, Adtekmedia is entitled to do so without notice, if necessary.

Exceptions to Adtekmedia Terms of Service

In the event that part of this agreement is found illegal, it will be excluded from this agreement & will cease to be a part of the company's policy. However, even in this case the remaining items of the agreement will remain in force & binding for users. In case you want to continue using the site on an individual basis with non-compliance with these rules, you must notify the administration of your desire. Based on the decision made by the administration, you can continue or stop using the resource adtekmedia.com.