We are an innovative service and our top priority is creation of efficient Proprietary Technology for Native Mobile Advertising

Our 2 major products are Mana and Prime. Mana is a solution perfectly integrating native advertising resources and Prime is a state-of-art platform allowing for optimizing large amounts of native ads.

Four Core Technology Engines

1 Customizable Native Launch Engine

This engine breaks the whole advertising launch process into 3 stages: 1. Decision making
2. Assembling
3. Rendering
Due to flexible control over template assembling and rendering processes on the media end our engine is able to separate the decision-making and display processes in order to flexibly assemble and implement the smart SDK. You don’t have to upgrade the media integrated into the SDK – formats can be adjusted at any time. Finally, our engine is a great tool for customizing monetization channels for applications and for ROI improving.

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Custom Ads

2 Intelligent Contextualization and Matching Engine

Contextualization is the next step in native advertising and in the advertising industry in general. Adtekmedia team has developed a large-scale user data system able to reach more than 2 billion mobile device users in the world. Processing such a large amount of information our Matching Engine achieves profound comprehension of user contextualization and guides the advertising matching for contextualization and intelligent scene understanding.

3 Retargeting and Re-engagement Engine

Adtekmedia uses dynamic creative optimization technology and precise user profiling to provide a full-fledged retargeting solution for gaming and e-commerce advertisers. This tool helps activate those users who once installed the app but have never used it. Our solution encourages users to re-install the app even if they already removed it.