Adtekmedia operates this website. We do everything to keep the privacy of our customers safe. Adtekmedia Policy makes us responsible for the information, which is provided to us by the users and its security, which is the Adtekmedia’s most important concern.

This Policy has the explanation of the reasons for customers’ data application and the ways of protecting the received data.

1. The Users’ Data Application

Adtekmedia is free to get any details concerning the users, which is either provided by them or obtained from different services used and Adtekmedia and other sites accessible from it visits. There are the other detailed data we can apply, which include the participation in promos or competitions, offered by Adtekmedia, and your feedback on the website.

1.1. The ways of users’ data Application

The information gathering is necessary to provide the customers with the relevant personalized services. To send you correspondence with the news and offers Adtekmedia is free to use your contacts, such as email, phone numbers or post/fax. Confirming the registration via email, you should understand that the letter might contain some marketing information from Adtekmedia and other companies of your interest.

1.2. The reasons to apply the Customers’ Data

The information of a user might be applied by Adtekmedia for several reasons, including surveys among the Adtekmedia visitors, verification of payments (like credits, cards, and so on), accounting, statistics gathering, users control, auditing, billing, Adtekmedia system testing and development, as well as the users’ safety and effective cooperation with them. The information might be also gathered for the administrative or legal purposes. Adtekmedia can contact you to discuss the issues and to find out your opinion in order to improve the resource, provide better support and administration. The received information can be analyzed. Adtekmedia is ready to get the feedback from the users to make the resource better.

All the information gathered is stored in Adtekmedia system, which is whether in our premises or in the ones owned by the third parties, which have a right to operate for Adtekmedia (according to the terms, stated by the Adtekmedia policy and approved by our users).

1.3. The Site Tracking system

Adtekmedia can use software for tracking in order to monitor traffic patterns of the users and the use of Adtekmedia site. Thus, Adtekmedia can develop the layouts of the website and improve the interface, making it corresponding to the customers or Adtekmedia. The software we apply foes not receive any identifying data about the visitors.

1.4. Personal Information Requests

You have a full right to ask for the data Adtekmedia has obtained about you. In a case, you are asking for the call recordings, it is vital to remember that Adtekmedia deletes them after 90 days. We neither collect any CCTV footage.

As soon as Adtekmedia gets the request form the user, we immediately start the processing of it. The whole process takes about 10 working days. If any additional details are required to fulfill the request, Adtekmedia will contact the customer directly to ask for the data within 30 days. After the end of this period (if Adtekmedia does not get the necessary information), your request will be archived. In order to ask for the information once more, you will require making a new request.

Having any questions about the customers’ information protections, you can contact Adtekmedia via email: or

1.5. The issues of Security and the Retention of the information. How is the visitors’ data protected on Adtekmedia?

The received data and details are transferred with the high-grade 128-bit encryption. Adtekmedia follows the legal acts concerning Data Protection and the strictest measures to guarantee the security of the information gathered (both the storage and disclosure). Such policy prevents any capturing of personal data or uncovering of the identity of the visitor.

The security measures include the identification requests before Adtekmedia can uncover any sensitive information.

According to Adtekmedia Policy, in certain situations, we can transfer your data to the other parties. Adtekmedia guarantees the strict security measures applied by them (the same that Adtekmedia itself provides). However, it does not concern the cases, when the data transmission is demanded by law. In such case, the information will be retained for any necessary period demanded by law.

2. Cookies

You should understand what the cookies are. They are tiny parts of information, which any browser can store. This option might be disabled and such data might be deleted. The cookies are saved automatically in the most cases. Nevertheless, the settings are free to be changed in order to avoid the data storage. Adtekmedia provides the most of its features without cookies enabled. Besides, cookies have nothing to do with the identifying information of any other sensitive data.

Cookies are used by Adtekmedia in email messages (which a user agrees to get). By means of them, Adtekmedia can measure the efficiency of the site use and its peculiarities. Having clicked on any link contained in the email message, the cookies get set in the browser automatically by Adtekmedia.

If you visit clicking on a link, we will find out, what a user does with Adtekmedia web pages. It is achieved by applying pixels and cookies combinations uses. It helps us understand, which your preferences are and what is able to interest you on Thus, Adtekmedia also finds out about likes and dislikes of the visitor, providing him or her with the useful information. The emails a user receives will contain interesting and helpful data. The information we get from cookies can be applied only by Adtekmedia, we never disclose or share it with the other parties. A visitor is free to prevent us from getting the data from cookies by changing the browser settings.

3. The Use of Pixels

Adtekmedia applies special pixels in one’s email messages. It helps us understand, how a user interacts with them and their content. Thus, we can also find out, who has opened a particular email message. Pixels are helpful for understanding the more appropriate way of data presentation, which are either texts or HTML. All of the above allows making the Adtekmedia content interesting for the user.

4. The Consent of the Clients

Visiting, you fully agree that your data is received and used by us in all the described ways. If you have any questions or concerns on the Adtekmedia Privacy Policy, contact our users' service department.

If any changes are made to the current version of Adtekmedia policy, we promise to show a corresponding message on this page to inform our customers about the novelties concerning their data usage, collection, and disclosure.

Adtekmedia registered offices: Viale Giulio Cesare 71, Roma, Italy and Athens Towers 2-4, Messogion Avenue, Athens 115 27, Greece.