1. The information a user should know about Cookies

Cookies are small files with the data pieces, which your device automatically downloads as soon as you have visited a particular Internet site. This data is stored, and then it is transmitted to the original website or the other resource, which can recognize it. Cookies allow defining the device the customer applies visiting the site and providing him/her with the good experience on a particular website.

Cookies are also able to fulfill the other functions. They include comfortable navigating facilities for the user, saving the visitors’ preferences, and improving the experience of the website application for the user. Moreover, with the help of cookies, the information and adverts shown will be more relevant and exciting for a definite client.

The cookies cannot uncover the customer’s identity; their function is to define the device used by means of identification tags, which are randomly generated.

2. How Adtekmedia USES Cookies

If you want to get full access to, it is necessary to accept cookies on your device. Cookies function helps Adtekmedia provide a customer with the better experience. Here are several examples of cookies application by Adtekmedia:
- to receive the required information in order to find out the priorities of the visitor about Adtekmedia site and email messages
- to measure the effectiveness of the Adtekmedia advertising
- to find out the ways and reasons the visitors use

3. Adtekmedia Cookies policy. The types of Cookies applied

The current cookies list is available on Adtekmedia. There you will find all the necessary data in the reasons and ways of cookies application by Adtekmedia.

There is a stated cookies categorization used on It includes the following cookie types:

3.1. Strictly Essential

These cookies will be officially demanded from the user by Adtekmedia. It is an essential type, which influences the comfort of navigation on Adtekmedia site and the Adtekmedia functions and features usage. If you decline such cookies, some of the options won’t be able to operate on

3.2. Performance

This category contains only anonymous data, which Adtekmedia gets about the pages, the users open. For instance, there are facts about the way of Adtekmedia application, the most relevant pages, error occurrence, and so on. This category does no demand any personal data. Besides, the information is anonymous and aimed at improvement of operation.

3.3. Functionality

Such cookies allow Adtekmedia receive the data about the choices the users make (for example, language, country, names, etc.). They help us provide the visitors with the better experience on our resource and add some personal features. Those cookies influence the functionality of

All the three types described deal with the maintaining, its efficiency, ease of access and application. They can’t be deactivated, which means that if you keep visiting and using the services, you give tour consent for the activation of those cookies types on your device.

3.4. Advertising and targeting

Adtekmedia aims at making the advertising helpful and interesting. For this reason, we apply a special kind of cookies, which collects the information about the history of a visitor’s browsing. Thus, we can also limit the number of times any of the adverts are displayed and measure the efficiency of Adtekmedia advertising campaigns.

The 3rd parties are responsible for the cookies installation to your browser after they receive a corresponding permission from Adtekmedia. They remember the user’s visits to and transmit the results to the media owners and other organizations.

If you decide to disable this cookies type, the access to won’t be lost. will provide the customers with more data concerning cookies, their kinds, and deactivation.

Cookies list

The ways of managing and disabling Cookies

If a user has made a decision to delete or disable cookies on, he/she requires changing the corresponding settings in the browser. With any questions concerning the cookies management and deactivation visit or other websites to find out helpful detail for different browsers.

More information on Cookies is available on the Internet.